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SWRC - Barefoot College

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='''Background & History'''=
[[File:SfnaQuJ.png||thumb|right|Barefoot College Solar Engineers, India]]
In 1972 Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, inspired by the need for a new way of addressing rural poverty, started the SWRC (Social Work Research Centre) with the goal of setting up clean water and local irrigation technology for rural communities. Roy rented an old British health care center in India to host a night school for training individuals in local rural communities. Night classes which took place in what is now known as the Old School, allowed students to work in their current employment (necessary for supporting their families) and still have the ability to learn in new areas that will later benefit their community. As Barefoot College has expanded and aged, focus has moved toward education, empowerment and building sustainable communities, with an increased focus on women's empowerment. Education and training occurs across a diverse, and important , list, of necessary areas that support the building of sustainable and independent communities. The Barefoot College system rejects the business model, which Roy (& others) feel is used too often, stating that this model leaves the "very poor, or very marginalized behind, these individuals are human beings, not consumers." <ref name="Barefoot Homepage"> http://www.barefootcollege.org/</ref>The success of Barefoot College has stemmed from the idea of training and educating people in the way that can help their community from within, "Development must be based in the village as well as managed and owned by those whom it serves" <ref name="Barefoot About Page"> http://www.barefootcollege.org/about/</ref>.<br><br>Originally teachers were health care workers, but as the school has grown, and aged, individuals who have received ten years or more of training now are educators. This furthers the goal of the organization, to create sustainable communities. The program has lead to many rural communities across the globe having access to power, electricity and new technologies. This internal development may not have been possible today without the foundation and ideas of Bunker Roy, but now these communities are spreading knowledge and increased innovations in a sustainable way that is sure to benefit and reach generations to come.<br><br>Watch Sanjit "Bunker" Roy's Ted Talk:<br><br>


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