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Hotspot Shield

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[[Image: Hotspot Shield Logo.png |right|260px|thumb| Hotspot Shield Logo]]
Hotspot Shield is a service that allows users to bypass Internet restrictions through a virtual private network (VPN). This service was started in 2005, and is ran run by the California based company, AnchorFree<ref name="About AnchorFree"> </ref> It is available through multiple digital platforms such as Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.<ref name=" About AnchorFree "/> Hotspot Shield serves over 1.6 billion Internet users globally. <ref name=" About AnchorFree "/> This service is free when using their advertising supported service and can be upgraded to their paid Elite service ,which has added security, faster speeds, and no advertisements.<ref name=" About AnchorFree "/> Its mission, as stated by company CEO David Gorodyansky, “is to provide freedom to access all of the world’s information for every person on the planet.” <ref name="Business Insider"> </ref>
=='''About AnchorFree'''==

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