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[[File:Imageneeded.png|thumb|right|Sample photo caption.]]
<center>''You can put an abstract (a brief description of your project) here. ''</center>
Some introduction text and background can go here.== Afforestation==
== Understanding Afforestation is the market ==action of planting a forest where there were previously no forest stood. The targeted land was once formally used for purposes other than forestry. The successful treatment of sewage water leads to afforestation and the planting of Jatropha. Afforestation in Egypt has a multi-functional approach. In Egypt, it's established plantations can be of considerable economical, ecological, and social importance.
This is where you can describe what already exists, what is needed, etc. You may want to include inline references. <ref> You can use the ref code to include inline references. See [[Help:Footnotes]] for more.</ref>== Planting Jatropha in Egypt ==
To make bullets use Initially, through "The national Programme for treated sewage water for Afforestation," a pilot project was directed on a large portion of the asterisk:* Like this* country to determine whether or not the act of afforestation, using basic-treated sewage water, would be successful or not. The afforestation includes a number of different species; including Jatropha and like this** Jojoba. Which are planted and two used as bio fuel crops. Thus, the successful planting of these plants through the pilot project has illustrated that sewage water can be used for the next indent* and back to one.formation of new forest in desert lands.The programme also demonstrated the high potential for afforestation of species that could be used for multiple purposes of socio-economic importance.
== Project goals Objectives ==
Describe project goals here*Using water resources efficiently.*Decreasing pollution through the growth of planted trees. *Renewable energy sources through wood & biofuel.*Food security for the population through combating desertification*Erosion & Sand Dune protection
To make a numbered list use the pound sign:# Like this# and like this# See [[Help:Contents]] for more formatting code.== Costs ==
== Design ==The Egyptian Government has used a considerable amount of funds on the development of the infrastructure necessary for the safe use of treated sewage water for afforestation. The government is now developing ways to include the involvement of national and international organizations in order to encourage investment activities.
Describe your design here. == Overview ==
<!-- Here is Jatropha planting and the overall afforestation in Luxor (Upper Egypt)has done considerably better than similar projects in other countries for a sample gallerynumber of many different reasons. --><gallery caption="Sample gallery">File:ImageneededIt has a increased rate of growth and productivity.png|Sample caption text.File:Imageneeded.png|More sample caption text. This would look better Shrubs produce seeds after 18 months of planting seedlings compared with different images. :)File:Imageneeded.png|Even more sample caption text. </gallery> === Next level heading === You may need deeper level headings. Just keep adding equal signs to get that. == Costs == You may describe your costs here.{| class="wikitable"|-! header 1! header 2! header 3|-| row 1, cell 1| row 1, cell 2| row 1, cell 3|-| row 2, cell 1| row 2, cell 2| row 2, cell 3|}See [[Help:Tables]] and [[Help:Table examples]] for moreyears in other countries== Discussion ==
Your discussion.
== References ==
<!http://sc-- This code is for placing the citation you included above. If you did not use the <ref> code, please delete thisope. com/daad/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Project->description-1-Information-Summary.pdf 

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