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Mechanical Turk

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After you create an Amazon account you can use mechanical Turk as either a Worker or as a Requester. However in order to be a Requester you also need to have created your HIT’s and have them approved by Amazon or an institution that has Amazons permission to authorize HIT’s such as an business or academic institution. As a Requester you also have to have a monetary fund attached to your Amazon account so that your workers can be paid via their Amazons accounting services. As a Worker you can sign into your account from the MTurk home page and begin browsing and completing HIT’s as right away. After you submit your completed tasks may have to wait for a 48 hour conformation so that your work can be reviewed (to make sure it is correct and complete) before your payment funds are deposited into your Amazon account.
As a Mechanical Turk '''Worker''' you: Basically a (This group is basically made up of voluntary Contract worker )
* Can work from home
* Choose your own work hours
* Must have a Amazon account
* Must be accessing the internet through a US server.
As a Mechanical Turk '''Requester''' you: Largely (This Group is largely made up of employers, programmers and academics )
* Have access to a global, on-demand, 24 x 7 workforce
* Get thousands of HITs completed in minutes
* Must have your HIT’s attached to a monetary account to fund/pay your Workers via Amazon
The first step to using Mechanical Turk aa a either a Worker or Requester is by going to the webpage[https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome] From there the first step is creating an account and begin browsing the available HIT’s.
First you select a HIT by clicking View
Then begin by clicking Accept hit.

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