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Kingston upon Thames

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== Sustainability initiatives ==
*[ Save the World Club]
== Initiatives by topic ==
=== Community currencies activism === {{#widget:YouTube|id=DQH5iAOmdoo}} [ Kingston Pound], local currency for Kingston upon Thames === Community energy === [ Smart Communities], community action project all about saving energy in the home === Food activism ===
[ From the Ground Up] Kingston’s own organic veg and fruit box scheme that brings affordable fresh organic food to the Royal Borough of Kingston.
=== Open spaces ===
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Category:Parks and open spaces in Kingston upon Thames|Parks and open spaces in Kingston upon Thames]] (category)
=== Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle ===
[ Freecycle Kingston] - "Community re-use and recycling in action"
=== Sustainable transport activism ===
[[wikipedia:Thames Path]]
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== Events ==
May 3 - 18 [ Surbiton Food Festival]
== News and comment ==
Kingston Pound to trial at Surbiton Food Festival, February 3 <ref>[ SW Londoner]</ref>
== Interwiki links ==
Wikipedia: [[wikipedia:Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames|Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames]]
== External links ==
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[[category:Sustainable community action]]
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