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Parras Assignments

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Homework assignments for Parras Program Summer 2006.
==Gaviotas Reading==
*Week 2: To page 39 - "In Columbia, we've got enough problems as is."
*Week 3: To page 71 - "...Gaviotas was such an infinitesimal antidote."
*Week 4: To page 103 - "That's how we learn..."
*Week 5: To page 127 - "The world needed to know about Gaviotas..."
*Week 6: To page 159 - The Trees
*Week 7: To page 181 - "...toasting each other for never giving up."
*Week 8: To el final. Page 222
===Due Saturday 5/27===
Upload your 2 pictures of resources (make sure to do this with your own login). For the picture description - copy and paste the following into notepad. Make the appropriate edits (replace allcap text) and then paste into the description window:

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