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Kiva, Kivapedia and microfinance
Muy pronto, mis nalgas!
== Kiva, Kivapedia and microfinance ==
Hey Lonny,
I've been looking around trying to get a feel for how I could best contribute to Appropedia. I'm not an expert in any of the fields covered here, just a fan who likes to edit wikis. :-) In terms of Kiva, etc., I made a few simple edits to test out the connections. They work great.
As far as articles go, there doesn't seem to be much here related to [[:category:microfinance|microfinance]]. You also seem to uses categories like that one as main articles. :-) So I was wondering, do you approve of "importing" Wikipedia articles with trans-wiki links? If that's okay, I would be willing to add "Kiva" and "microfinance" articles. Also, do you add articles about related wikis? If it's a yes on that, I also could start a little something about Kivapedia.
As another "connections" idea, people in the Kiva Friends community often send Kiva gift certificates to folks, e.g., [http://www.kivafriends.org/index.php/topic,99.0.html Gift Certificate to Celebrities] to get the microlending ball rolling in a new area. If you know of a sizable group of folks here or elsewhere, ''and'' they would be willing to form a "lender group," I would be willing to bankroll the "first" loan (a whopping $25! ;-) ''if'' the group finds a way to match it. Then we could add "Appropedians for Kiva" (or whatever) to the [http://kivapedia.org/index.php/Main_Page/Groups List of Kiva Group Lenders]! ;-) Regards, [[User:RichardF|RichardF]] 14:25, 1 August 2007 (PDT)

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