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OSSTIP/WP2- Transport Informatics tools review

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* Short evaluation report on each tool, stating pros and cons, - [DONE - see [[#Results]] below] ** See also OSSTIP_Common/References_Resources/OpenSource_GIS-TI_Tools for additional notes to support those in this project.* saved example code and datasets in project repository/dropbox- [Partial - Will archive at the end]** As to saved example codes and datasets:- currently they're on Pat's PC in the sub-directory /Users/Shared/SoftwareDev/UrbanModelling-GIS** Given the S/W project folders range in size from ~1MB to several GB (In the case of OTP) - it doesn't seem appropriate to add them to Dropbox currently.** Will revisit this once [[OSSTIP/WP3]] further developed, e.g. I have a good plan for Virtual Machines to distribute key data/tools for future use.
'''Estimated Time''': Small-medium
'''Status:''': Mostly ''Complete '' (as at 23/10/2013 - requires filling out a bit more detail on several of except possible data archiving later in the sections belowproject.)
== Requirements Summary ==


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