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Parras Assignments

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Upload your 2 pictures of resources (make sure to do this with your own login). For the picture description - copy and paste the following into notepad. Make the appropriate edits (replace allcap text) and then paste into the description window:
<nowiki>'''NameType of Resource:''' PUT NAME HERE <br /></nowiki> <nowiki>'''General Description:''' PUT GENERAL RESOURCE DESCRIPTION HERE <br /></nowiki>
<nowiki>'''What is Available:''' WHAT KIND OF STUFF OR RESOURCES DO THEY HAVE OR OFFER <br /></nowiki>
<nowiki>'''Description of Location:''' WHERE IS IT LOCATED? ADDRESS, CROSSSTREETS, LANDMARKS <br /></nowiki>
<nowiki>'''Notes:''' ADDITIONAL NOTES</nowiki>
===Due Monday 5/29===
*Before class
**Microhydro homework based upon values we collected and agreed upon in lab.
*Before 8PM
**Update the collective work page [[:Category:Parras_Supplies]] as per the instruction on that category page(and its subordinate article pages). Note that what you are asked to cut and paste is very similar to what you wrote in the picture description page (i.e. you may want to copy picture description text from its edit window).  
[[Category:Parras 2006]]

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