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* Capable of layer-by-layer deposition <ref>Webber p.7835 </ref>
* Theoretical Energy Conversion Efficiency of 66% <ref>Etgar </ref>
#Quantum dots can be produced in stable colloidal suspensions, which help to break barriers in production and implementation that were in place because of traditional crystalline growth procedures
#Multiple Excitation Generation (meaning a single photon results in multiple electron-hole pairs), allows for QD solar cells to theoretically surpass the Shockley–Queisser limit
#The Quantum Confinement effect results in the variation of the band gap of nanocrystals as a function of size. This will allow for thin film layers to be tailored to absorb certain wavelengths of the solar spectrum
[[Image:Efficiency_chart.jpg|500px|center|The figure is a graph of the top solar cells' energy conversion efficiency.]]<ref>Lang</ref>


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