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* Don’t rely on a single p-n junction configuration
* Tandem cells-stacks of p-n junctions structures
* Theoretical energy conversion efficiency of up to 66% (E.<ref>Edgar 446)</ref>
* Optical and electronic properties can be tweaked by changing the size of Quantum Dots (E.446)
* Able “to inject electrons to a wider band gap material, such as TiO2”(<ref>Etgar 452)</ref>
* Higher light to energy efficiency
* Easy to manufacture
* Low cost
* Capable of layer-by-layer deposition (<ref>Webber p.7835)</ref>* Theoretical Energy Conversion Efficiency of 66% (<ref>Etgar)</ref>
[[Image:Efficiency_chart.jpg|500px|center|The figure is a graph of the top solar cells' energy conversion efficiency.]]<ref>Lang</ref>
==How CdSe Quantum Dots Work ==


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