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Parras Assignments

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This is a homework was the assignment page for the [[Parras 2006]] program. See [[Parras globalization assignments]] and [[Parras Program that lists:*Upcoming trips*Reading AT assignments*Big due dates posted far in advance*Assignments posted outside of classroom hours**Assignments assigned during class are still due regardless ]] for more up-to whether they are posted herePlease put this page on your watchlist so that you know when -date assignments have been posted outside of classroom hours.
==Tentative Schedule of Extra Events==*Thursday, 6/8, 5-10PM: Meet at UTC, walk to Perote, bring bathing suit, sun protection, water, climbing shoes.*Saturday, 6/17, 8AM: - Meet at UTC, all day trip to Nariqua, bring sun protection, alot of water, climbing shoes. ==Gaviotas Reading==*Week 2 (5/30): To page 39 - "In Columbia, we've got enough problems as is."*Week 3 (6/06): To page 71 - "...Gaviotas was such an infinitesimal antidote."*Week 4 (6/13): To page 103 - "That's how we learn..."*Week 5 (6/20): To page 127 - "The world needed to know about Gaviotas..."*Week 6 (6/27): To page 159 - The Trees*Week 7 (7/04): To page 181 - "...toasting each other for never giving up."*Week 8 (7/11): To el final. Page 222 ==Assignments=====Due Saturday 5/27===Upload your 2 pictures of resources (make sure to do this with your own login). For the picture description - copy and paste the following into notepad. Make the appropriate edits (replace allcap text) and then paste into the description window:  <nowikismall>'''Type of Resource:''' PUT RESOURCE DESCRIPTION HERE <br /></nowiki> <nowiki>'''What is Available:''' WHAT KIND OF STUFF OR RESOURCES DO THEY HAVE OR OFFER <br /></nowiki> <nowiki>'''Location:''' WHERE IS IT LOCATED? ADDRESS, CROSSSTREETS, LANDMARKS <br /></nowiki> <nowiki>'''Notes:''' ADDITIONAL NOTES</nowiki> ===Due Monday 5/29===*Before class**Microhydro homework based upon values we collected and agreed upon in lab.**Read about [[:Category:Microhydro|Microhydro]]. *Before 8PM**Update the collective work page See [[:Category:Parras_Supplies|Parras Supplies]] as per the instruction on that category page (and its subordinate article pages). Note that what you are asked to cut and paste is very similar to what you wrote in the picture description page (i.e. you may want to copy picture description text from its edit window). ===Due Wednesday 5/31===*Before class**Electricity assignment**Read about [[Electricity basics]] ===Due Monday 6/5===*Before class**Read more about [[Electricity basics]]**Electricity Problemset**Post your two AT implementations to [[:Category:Parras AT|Parras AT]]. Make sure to log in to your own account before posting and to follow the directions at the [[:Category:Parras AT|Parras AT]] page. ===Due Wednesday 6/7===*Before class**One scrap piece of paper containing an error in the HowStuffWorks article on [http://people.howstuffworks.comAssignments/hydropower-plant.htm Hydropower].***''If you can not find an error, just turn in a scrap stating that you tried.''*Before end of day**Introduction writeup of your project***Include answers to the questions who/what/why/when/where as best as you can. Be specific when possible, but I understand that some of this may change in the next week or two.***Review literature, provide links for internet resources and resource names for print media, describe your findings. ****This is to educate yourself on your project.****Do not use this literature review for editorilizing or making design decisions.****Review multiple sources.... okay, okay.... Review at least five different, credible sources.****Review different parts of your project, e.g. building a vermiculture system for a local school necessitates information on vermiculuture, construction, curriculum integration and more. ===Due Sunday 6/18===Read on [[:Category:Adobe|Adobe]] ===Due Monday 6/19===*Before class**Next update of your project.**Should include:***All of the steps that you have taken so far.****Photos will augment the delineation of your steps nicely. See [[DIF Adobe Senior CenterArchive]] for an example of the gallery tool.***A proposed list of materials and budget.****This will take some time to figure out.****Use the [[:category:Parras Supplies|Parras Supplies]] page to help find what you need.***A detailed timeline of activities .****I understand that this timeline will be just tentative. This timeline will help us foresee problems. Please adjust, as the project proceeds, to reflect reality and highlight problems, e.g. bottlenecks and underestimations.****Remember that the project is due in Week 9 and the writeup in Week 10archive==Due Monday 7/3 ==Final reading on [[:Category:Photovoltaics|Photovoltaic]] ==Due Monday 7/10==Read on Agriculture ==Due Tuesday 7/11==*Before class**Finish reading Gaviotas**Poetry assignment regarding Gaviotas as assigned by Lilianet Brintrup =='''Due Thursday 7</20'''==*Set an appointment with me to come make a final inspection of your project. Celebrate! =='''Due Thursday 7/27'''==*By midnight**Final project writeup due. [[Category:Parras 2006]]small>

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