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10' Hexayurt

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'''Follow this PDF''' for the lazy, less stable, but successfully playa tested H15, with 4 wall sections (most common version seen on-playa): [[]]
consider this for tape requirements:
100 feet total 3" bifil
but I'd skip ordering 3" for just 100 feet, maybe stick w/ 6" all the way
480 feet total 6" bifil...
...but you'll need another 120 or so feet every time you put up the yurt
The one you'll need a lot of (and can get at homo depot) is the foil tape-- in 3" width:
356 feet total 3" foil
for sealing the edges of the panels.
Then to "shade" the permanent Danger hinges, you'll need
210 feet of 6" foil OR 420 of 3" foil tape!

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