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10' Hexayurt

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'''The H15 Hexayurt''' aka '''The 10' Hexayurt'''
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The H15 Hexayurt is like the standard 8' hexayurt, with the wall height increased by 2 feet to make more livable headroom []. The lowest point is 6 feet tall, the peak of the roof is 10 feet. This makes your entryway a better size for the average person's height. It requires 3 more panels than the 8' hexayurt (which requires 12 panels), and so it has been re-named the "H15." It has also been called the '''Mark II,''' which sounds more inspiring than either other name. If you're interested in having better height at your entryway, but don't want to spend too much more money on panels, try the [[Hexayurt H13]], which is a trickier design but very elegant, especially if a portion of your living space is used for sleeping and doesn't require standing room.

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