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10' Hexayurt

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'''The 10 Foot H15 Hexayurt''' aka '''The Mark II10''' aka '''the H15Hexayurt'''
The 10 foot H15 Hexayurt is like the standard 8' hexayurt, with the wall height increased by 2 feet to make more livable headroom []. The lowest point is 6 feet tall, the peak of the roof is 10 feet. This makes your entryway a better size for the average person's height. It requires 3 more panels than the 8' hexayurt (which requires 12 panels), and so it has been re-named the "H15." It has also been called the '''Mark II,''' which sounds more inspiring than either other name. If you're interested in having better height at your entryway, but don't want to spend too much more money on panels, try the [[Hexayurt H13]], which is a trickier design but very elegant, especially if a portion of your living space is used for sleeping and doesn't require standing room.<br />If you <br />This is not as elegant a design as the H13, but it's more structurally sound, given that your tape-ring is not cut into with the addition of the door, and it's symmetrical on all axes. The roof hinges are the same as the classic 8' hexayurt, each of the 6 feet tall wall panels have the 2' addition either hinged on, or tallertaped on one you hit playa. <br /><br />It would appear H15's have survived [ at Burning Man], and disdain stooping your mighty headwere playa tested in the nasty 2012 winds. Even the H15's made with 1" thick panels survived. FYI, you might consider increasing height by 3 feet by adding 4 more Julie Danger camps in an H15 made with 1" thick panels. Perhaps this can ..but really, 1.5 thick panels would be called better for this increased height. For the '''Mark''' There are no pictures available of this designstructural stability, but you can extrapolate easily off of would stagger the Mark II PDF below. The major drawback to this design is that 2' addition top and bottom when you build the walls, and it will not have an efficient shipping footprint--3 foot panel segments will not stack nicely would still ship in your the 4'x8' stack. However, but that's a lot of extra on-playa work that no one is willing to do...if you might bundle them can ship and store the yurt in a separate 6x8' stack , definitely stagger each wall section. If you're going to be lazy and make 4 pre-folded wall sections, be sure thatyour 2x8's 3wall additions are staggered (see PDF 'x8front and back view').<br /><br />'''This page is under construction.Follow PDF''' For nowfor the 6'x8' variety, see aka best structural integrity: [[ 10' hexayurt aka Mark IIpdf] as a semi]<br />'''Follow this PDF''' for the lazy, less stable, but playa tested H15, with 4 wall sections (most common version seen on-folding hexayurt using Camp-Danger Hingesplaya): [[]]
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