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Energy EASE 2007

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Ft. Mason, San Francisco - November 16, 17, 18, 2007
Unlike any other public planning gathering, EASE will hold itself publicly accountable for its results within the following year. The conference on-line and on-site working sessions are created and guided by '''Society of Organizational Learning (SoL) Sustainability Consortium.''' [(]) SSC members represent the world’s leading companies opening new frontiers in alternative energy and sustainability. EASE brings their ideas, issues and market influence together for the mutual benefit of all.
'''Gaiasoft™''' and '''Gaiaspace™''' are our powerful tools that help concepts become tracked, benchmarked initiatives. From the moment of registration, Gaiaspace starts building a personal network for each attendee – linking like-minded problem solvers, recommending sessions to attend, suggesting pre-conference preparations. Work before, during and after the conference moves the market from fragmentation to integration as partnerships are formed across interests.

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