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Encryption method: MOST

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Describe the PortableApps approach
There are many ways to set up encryption. It's fine if you choose to use a different method. This is a procedure which works as simple as possible on Michigan Tech's campus network. If you have improvements which make things easier (without making them less secure), please let us know. Below is a step by step guide for computers which you maintain (as opposed to the MTU admins).
===Setting it up on your MTU account with running from a USBstick===This method works on any machine that runs Windows and allows you to run programs. It is currently the only method that works on MTU campus computers.# Get a USB stick with at least 100 MB free space on it.# Set up your e-mail account in Install [http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/portableapps/Mozilla%20Thunderbird%2C%20P.E./Mozilla%20Thunderbird%2C%20Portable%20Edition%2017.0.6/ThunderbirdPortable_17.0.6_English.paf.exe Mozilla Thunderbird Portable] on it.# Start ThunderbirdPortable (from the USB stick). This is as easy as clicking # Click the "use button for using an existing account" button, then entering enter your name, MTU e-mail and (ISO) password, and tell let Thunderbird to sort it figure everything outfor you. After this step, you have set up thunderbird portable without encryption. The following steps will add encryption support.# Create your key-pair with KleopatraInstall [http://downloads.sourceforge.net/portableapps/GPG_for_Thunderbird_Portable_1.4.13. Choose the ''New certificate'' option from the file menu, then the option to create a PGP key pairpaf. Fill out the fields (comment may be empty) and let it create the keyexe?download GPG for Thunderbird Portable] on top of Thunderbird Portable. Choose a good passphrase; Make sure you should expect select the exact same folder that some people will get access you selected for Thunderbird Portable for installing this to your USB stick at some point; .# In Thunderbird Portable, click on the passphrase is three lines on the only thing that protects your communication at that point. Note that making it a real phrase right of several words is very secure and doesn't stop you from remembering it; adding some special characters is not secure and hard the search box to remembermake the menu appear. Do not use a password you use for anything else, in particular 'Select ''DO NOT USE YOUR ISOAdd-PASSWORD!'ons''from this menu.# Tell Kleopatra to upload your public key to a key serverSearch for and install the Enigmail add-on.# In Thunderbird, change your account settings will request to not compose HTML messages (as that is known to cause problems)be restarted. Then enable Do this.# Open Thunderbird's menu again and select OpenPGP->Key management. Select # From the option to automatically sign encrypted messages. If you wanttop bar, you can also select autoGenerate-sign non-encrypted messages and auto-encrypt>New key pair.# Test if it works. Send Enter a message password, set the key to yourself never expire and make sure you have generate the two icons in key.# If the bottom right corner of the compose window (the pencil and the doesn't disappear after key) are lit upgeneration, select cancel to close it.# When receiving Select "Display all keys by default" in the message, it key management window. Your new key should show a green bar on top, saying that it has found a good signature from yourselfup.# To send encrypted eFrom the menubar, select Keyserver-mail to someone whose >upload public keys. Accept the default key is not on your USB-stick yet, proceed as usualserver. It will give you a # Close the Key management window asking you what to do; tell it to download .# Open your account settings by selecting the missing keys. If account in the key is not foundleft bar, you cannot send encrypted e-mail to then clicking on ''View settings for this addressaccount''. In that case# Select ''Composition & Addressing'' and uncheck ''Compose messages in HTML format''.# Select ''OpenPGP Security'' and check ''Enable OpenPGP security (Enigmail) for this identity'', choose to not send the e-mail, or send it unencryptedand all four checkboxes under ''Message Composition Default Options''.
===Setting it up on your own computer===
# Install [http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/ Mozilla Thunderbird], the [http://enigmail.net/download/ Enigmail] plugin and gnupg ([http://gpg4win.org/ Windows]/[https://gpgtools.org/installer Mac]) on your machine. On GNU/Linux, install with your package manager instead of using the previous links. On Debian, note that Thunderbird is called Icedove.
# Run seahorse or Kleopatra, and close it again. This way your gnupg folder will be created so you can find it for the next step.# Insert Follow all steps from the USB stick with your key. Copy the ''gnupg'' folder on it to your local keystore. Where this is depends on your operating system:#* On GNU/Linuxmethod, it is located in your home directory and named .gnupg" (note except for the period at the start)ones installing software. If a directory with that name already exists, you should remove it. But take care; it may contain keys you don't want You do need to lose. If you're not sure, rename it instead of removing.#* On Windows, it is located under your user's ''Application Data'' folder and named ''gnupg''.#* On a Mac, it's probably the same as for GNU/Linux, but I have not checked. Please edit this if you have.# Set up your e-mail account in Thunderbird. This works the same as on MTU's computers. Also follow the other steps for setting up and testing Thunderbird from the above listget Enigmail.
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