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Rainwater Catchment J Gnarly

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== Conclusions ==
Our project has come together quite nicely. We have ended with a working system and still plan on adding to and improving it in the near future. We have had a lot of fun designing and building this system and have not had to many set backs. A lot of our process was fairly simple because we did a lot of planning prior to construction. There were however a few hiccups when we were working. When we started building the base for the storage tanks it was a little difficult to get the 4x4 posts level and plumb in the ground. This is partly due to us trying to connect 3 pillars before sinking them into the ground, thinking that it would save us time. With the materials available to us it was a little difficult to do this quick and accurate so we had to slow down our process in order to end with quality work. Once we started doing the posts individually our efficiency climbed. Another problem that we ran into was when it came to the original float valve. We had pretty good head but with the current plumbing on the toilet we did not have enough psi to force the water through the system. It would flow through all of the piping, but fell short when it came to the last step. So we switched around some of the house plumbing and brought up the water pipe to give it more headless gravitational resistance. This also failed, and that is when we settled on switching the float to a system that requires less psi. The system now functions quite well in gathering water, and slowly but surely fills the toilet. This project fit perfectly into the rule of 3's taught in business classes. The project cost 3 times as much, and took 3 times as long as we originally thought. In the end though, we have a working system which will in fact pay itself back soon seeing as the labor was free.
== Future Improvements to the System ==


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