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Rainwater Catchment J Gnarly

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== Design ==
We For this project we will be utilizing the existing gutters on the house to direct the water flowwhere we want it. We have added the necessary plumbing to lead the collected water from the front and back guttergutters,to into our storage tanks in the back of the house. We have placed gutter filters into the gutters to strain out the bulky material, and a first flush to sift out most of the smaller debris. The storage tanks are set on top of the stand that we builtto keep them high and level. The tanks are connected together on the bottom and sealed so that they will equalize. The water is then allowed to either head into the house, or into our secondary release valve. We have situated a shut off valve that can have a hose attached to it for directed water distribution. The piping into the house has a shutoff valve for the houses main water, and to shutoff our rainwater. This allows for switching between water sources depending on stored water levels.
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