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[[File:Team SuperStar poster.png|thumb|middle|375px]][[File:Team superstar SCRAPHumboldt.jpg|thumb|right|400px300px|]]
''The Parabolic Wax Melter Solar Heater and 3D Molds utilizes 3-D printing capabilities and the energy produced from the Sun to heat and re-purpose crayons, candles, and other waxes. The wax melter Solar Heater is constructed out of common waste stream items and up-cycles them into a useful and interesting design whose main function is further up-cycling. This design was created in the [ Humboldt State University] [[Engr215_Introduction_to_Design|Engineering 215]], for the client, [[SCRAP Humboldt]] whose goal is to “inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.” <ref>[[SCRAP Humboldt]]</ref>''
== Background ==
[[Engr215_Introduction_to_Design|Engineering 215]] is a design class at [[Humboldt State University]] that, each semester, partners with a local community business to improve student experience and to improve the business partner. For the 2013 Spring Semester, Engineering 215 has partnered with [[SCRAP Humboldt]], a non-profit organization that promotes creative reuse and up-cycling.
What Team SuperStar's (pictured right) goal, and challenge, was to design a 3-D printed object that would add value to the waste stream. And that's what really makes the Parabolic Wax Melter ''Solar Heater and 3D Molds'' different from some other designs is that ; it utilizes [[3-D printing]]. Molds for crayons and candles were created using the 3-D design software, AutoCad.
== Problem statement and criteria ==
== Description of final project ==
The parabolic wax melter ''Solar Heater and 3D Molds'' encourages reuse of crayons, candles, and other waxes. The parabolic wax melter pulls common items out of the waste stream and continues to utilizes their designed/natural properties. The two main components of the design are the satellite dish, which focuses the energy from the Sun to melt the wax needed, and The 3-D molds which are designed to be unique and resemble local themes.
== Costs ==
The costs of the project was extremely low due to the fact that many of the items used were donated or salvaged. However, anyone attempting to recreate this project will most likely be able to construct it for around the same price. The high price items are common in the waste stream and should be easy to obtain or have donated.
[[File:Design hours team superstar SCRAPHumboldt.png|thumb|left|500px|Design hours come to a total of 207]]

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