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{{Template:ENGR215inprogress|May 15th, 2013}}
[[File:SCRAP Humboldt CrayonsTeam superstar SCRAPHumboldt.jpg|thumb|right|400px|]]
|File:SCRAP Humboldt Crayons3D molds SCRAPHumboldt.jpgpng|Example of 3-D wax mold.
|File:Parabolic heater SCRAP solar heater.jpg|Parabolic Heater- Focuses the Sun's energy to a point where the wax has been placed.
|File:Melted wax SCRAPHumboldt.png|Melt the wax until it is nearly all liquid.
|File:Lubricating molds SCRAPHumboldt.png|Lubricate the molds before pouring wax (olive oil is shown above).
|File:Pouring wax SCRAP solar heater.jpg|Pouring the melted wax into a 3-D mold
|File:Example of crayon SCRAP Solar Heater.jpg|Example of crayon/candle
==Testing Results==
The final ''enter results and photosWax Melter with 3D Molds''product accomplishes exactly what is designed to do. It is able to transform old broken wax items into new, fresh looking products. The ''Wax Melter with 3D Molds'' completes this impressive task in a fairly reasonable amount of time (depending on the weather).{{Gallery|width=220|height=200|lines=0|File:SCRAP Humboldt Crayons.jpg|}}
==How to build==
|File:Snap shot of crayon SCRAP solar heater.PNG | Download a 3-D object design from AutoCad, Thingiverse, or other.
|File:Default3D molds SCRAPHumboldt.png | Print object using any available 3-D printer
| |
| File:Photo 0.jpg | With safety attire on (dust mask) begin sanding with coarse sand paper (We started with 60 grit)
| File:Sanded Satellite Dish.jpg | Continue sanding with finer grades of sand paper to remove large scratches and improve overall reflection. (Our grit levels: 220-600-1500
|File:Sanding dish SCRAP solar heater.jpg | Improve the reflection of the dish even more Maintain a strong reflective surface by using very fine (1500 grit) sand paper. (A buffing with metal polish brush works well too, as seen above).
|||3| Focal Point
|||4| The Base
|File:DefaultTire base SCRAPHumboldt.png | A recycled tire makes a great base (paint optional).
|File:Final Design Solar heater SCRAP.jpg | With everything else in place, stick the dish on top of the tire and place in the sunlight!

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