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Washing and drying clothes

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Environmental impact and labor can both be saved by measures that reduce the need for washing: suitable choice of clothes (color and fabric) and habits such as hanging and airing clothes. See the [[Clothing]] page for more detailed suggestions.
Putting clothing Levi Strauss<ref></ref>recently claimed that putting their jeans in a freezer for a couple of days will would kill most of the bacteria and kill smells. However an anarctic microbiologist has debunked this claim as a myth<ref> smell - frozen-jeans/</ref>, saying that “one might think that if the temperature drops well below the human body temperature they will not survive, but actually many will. Many are preadapted to survive low temperatures. And it can work well for takes only one survivor to repopulate your jeans or clothes when they warm up." It might be true that freezing clothing reduces the smell. But freezing clothing does not somehow makes them clean, so at best it is a temporary solution in the situation where dirt isn't visibleyou have a freezer but no way to wash clothing.
== Saving energy ==

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