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SCRAP Humboldt solar wax melter with 3D printed molds

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|File:SCRAP Humboldt Crayons.jpg|Example of 3-D wax mold.
|File:Photo 0Parabolic heater SCRAP solar heater.jpg|Parabolic Heater- Focuses the Sun's energy to a point where the wax has been placed.|File:Photo 0Pouring wax SCRAP solar heater.jpg|Pouring the melted wax into a 3-D mold|File:Photo 0Example of crayon SCRAP Solar Heater.jpg|Example of crayon/candle
=== Costs ===Use [[Help:Table_examples#Cost_Table]].
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Material !! Retail Cost ($) !! Our Cost ($) !! Total (Retail) !! Total (Ours)
| Satellite Dish || 100.00 || 0.00Donated
|align="right"| 100.00
|align="right"| 0.00
| Assorted Sand Paper || 39.22|| 39.22 |align="right"| 103109.22 |align="right"| 9.22 |-| Used Tire|| 20.00 || Donated |align="right"| 129.22 |align="right"| 9.22 |-| Wire Hanger || 0.99 || Donated |align="right"| 130.21 |align="right"| 9.22 |-| 3-D Printed Molds || 45.00 || Donated |align="right"| 175.21 |align="right"| 9.22 |-| Tin Cans || 1.50 || Donated |align="right"| 176.71 |align="right"| 9.22 |-| Paint || 7.98|| Donated |align="right"| 184.69 |align="right"| 9.22 |-
|colspan="4" align="right" | '''Total Cost'''
|align="right"| '''$39.22''' |-
==Testing Results==
==How to build==
{{How to
|title= (Project Name)Solar Heater and 3-D Printed Molds
|header2= How to Build
|||1| Download 3-D Design
|File:DefaultSnap shot of crayon SCRAP solar heater.png PNG | Download a 3-D object design from AutoCad, Thingiverse, or other.
|File:Default.png | Print object using any available 3-D printer
|File:Default.png | Acid Wash it and it's ready to go
| |
| File:Photo 0.jpg | With safety attire on (dust mask) begin sanding with coarse sand paper (We started with 60 grit)
| File:Sanded Satellite Dish.jpg | Continue sanding with finer grades of sand paper to remove large scratches and improve overall reflection. (Our grit levels: 220-600-1500
|File:DefaultSanding dish SCRAP solar heater.png jpg | Improve the reflection of the dish even more by buffing with metal polish
|File:Default.png | Shiny dish!
|File:DefaultFocal point SCRAP solar heater.png jpg | Using the arm that comes with the satellite dish, attached wire hanger slightly above where the focal point of the dish lies. |File:Default.png | Using tin cans, drill holes near the top so that the wire hangers can then attach and hold without risk of dropping. (The bottom of the a tin can should be where the focal point is, adjust hangers accordingly(to collect heat). |File:DefaultSetting up solar heater SCRAP.png jpg | Place wax in to melt.
|File:Default.png | A recycled tire makes a great base
|File:DefaultFinal Design Solar heater SCRAP.png jpg | Cut slits throughout With everything else in place, stick the rim dish on top of the tire (This will allow the dish to sit better and place in the tire) |File:Default.png | Place dish in and direct towards Sunsunlight!

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