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SCRAP Humboldt solar wax melter with 3D printed molds

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== Description of final project ==
The parabolic wax melter encourages reuse of crayons, candles, and other waxes. The parabolic wax melter pulls common items out of the waste stream and continues to utilizes their designed/natural properties. The two main component components of the design is are the satellite dish , which focuses the energy from the Sun to a focal point where the heat can melt the wax needed, and restructure crayons. The 3-D molds which are designed to be unique and resemble local themes.
|File:Photo 0SCRAP Humboldt Crayons.jpg|Example of 3-D wax mold.
|File:Photo 0.jpg|Parabolic Heater- Focuses the Sun's energy to a point where the wax has been placed.
|File:Photo 0.jpg|Pouring the melted wax into a 3-D mold

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