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RCEA Wind Energy Curriculum

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== Abstract ==
<br>The lesson plan, The Power of Wind, provides the means of educating fourth-grade students on the topic of renewable wind energy. Enrolled in the Engineering 215 class at [ Humboldt State University], Team JTRM utilized the teachings of the class's instructor, [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]], to design The Power of Wind. The [[Engr215]] class provided a structured design process for Team JTRM to follow. &nbsp;The team also worked for their client, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority ([[RCEA]]). The team worked throughout the Spring Semester of 2010 to complete the design project. &nbsp;Team JTRM completed and tested The Power of Wind lesson. The lesson is available to teachers at the RCEA in Eureka, California. &nbsp;<br>
== Client Background ==
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