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SCRAP Humboldt solar wax melter with 3D printed molds

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''The Parabolic Wax Melter utilizes 3-D printing capabilities and the energy produced from the Sun to heat and re-purpose crayons, candles, and other waxes. The wax melter is constructed out of common waste stream items and up-cycles them into a useful and interesting design whose main function is further up-cycling. This design was created in the [ Humboldt State University] [[Engr215_Introduction_to_Design|Engineering 215]], for the client, [[SCRAP Humboldt]] whose goal is to “inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.” (<ref>[[SCRAP)Humboldt]]</ref>''
== Background ==
==Discussion and next steps==
The overall goal was to design something that can take items out of the waste stream and transform them into an object that can do another task. Our design not only pulls common items out of the wast stream, but it puts them to work in preventing other items from entering the waste stream.
As far as application goes [[SCRAP Humboldt]] has already come up with one the idea: to use this design to teach children the good about reuse and sustainability. 
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[[SCRAP Humboldt]]
==Team Members== [[User:MaryMaryK| Mary Krieger]]
[[User:JennyPjk87| Jenny Kunna]]
[[User:Josh| Josh Martinez]]
[[User:Ky| Ky Wagner]]
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