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My Ideal Panflu - Lucas Gonzalez

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 '''The next severe influenza pandemic''' ''Added in 2013: Orientation tools for [ Macaronesian islands] and for [ general systemic catastrophes] fwiw'''</br> '''The next severe influenza pandemic'''<br/>
For most people on this planet, the pandemic that started in 2009 was mostly ''"hype"'' and ''"unnecessary worry"''. Not many died, but on average death occurred to people younger than with seasonal flu. It might have started off much worse, or become more deadly after the first wave, but it didn’t. So what’s next?
'''The nature of the challenge'''<br/>
In the past 300 years, flu pandemics have happened once every 10-50 years. Each one starts when a flu virus present in non-human animals either mutates or swaps genes with another virus, and a fresh human-adapted virus emerges. Many people without specific immune experience are infected in two or more epidemic waves. Once the virus is not new for most people, we can no longer call it a pandemic and it becomes the new seasonal flu.

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