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SCRAP Humboldt solar wax melter with 3D printed molds

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|||2| Sanding Satellite Dish
| File:Photo 0.jpg | With safety attire on (dust mask) begin sanding with coarse sand paper (We started with 60 grit)
| File:Sanded Satellite Dish.jpg | Continue sanding with finer grades of sand paper to remove large scratches and improve overall reflection. (Our grit levels: 220-600-1500 | File:Default.png | Improve the reflection of the dish even more by buffing with metal polish | File:Default.png |Shiny dish!
|||3| Focal Point
| File:Default.png | Using the arm that comes with the satellite dish, attached wire hanger slightly above where the focal point of the dish lies. | File:Default.png | Using tin cans, drill holes near the top so that the wire hangers can attach and hold without risk of dropping. (The bottom of the tin can should be where the focal point is, adjust hangers accordingly). | File:Default.png |Place wax in to melt.
|||4| The Base
| File:Default.png | A recycled tire makes a great base | File:Default.png | Cut slits throughout the rim of the tire (This will allow the dish to sit better in the tire) | | | File:Default.png |Place dish in and direct towards Sun
==Discussion and next steps==
''Discus The overall goal was to design something that can take items out of the waste stream and transform them into an object that can do another task. Our design not only pulls common items out of the wast stream, but it puts them to work in preventing other items from entering the waste stream.As far as application goes [[SCRAP Humboldt plans/workshops'']] has already come up with one idea: use this design to teach children the good about reuse and sustainability.
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