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SCRAP Humboldt solar wax melter with 3D printed molds

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The Parabolic Wax Melter utilizes 3-D printing capabilities and the energy produced from the Sun to heat and re-purpose crayons, candles, and other waxes. This design was created in the [ Humboldt State University] [[Engr215_Introduction_to_Design|Engineering 215]], for the client, [[SCRAP Humboldt]] whose goal is to “inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.” (SCRAP)
== Background ==
The client is SCRAP Humboldt, a subproject of SCRAP; a nonprofit organization located in Portland, Oregon. SCRAP Humboldt was started in 2011 when the oldest recycling plant in the area was closed and Director Tibora Bea Girczyc-Blum along with other artists and educators took action.
== Problem statement and criteria ==
Use sortable table.''insert delphi chart and criteria'''
== Description of final project ==
Photos and descriptions. Use gallery.The parabolic wax melter uses
=== Costs ===
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{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Material !! Retail Cost ($) !! Our Cost ($) !! Total (Retail) !! Total (Ours)
| Satellite Dish || 100.00 || 0.00
|align="right"| 100.00
|align="right"| 0.00
| Sand Paper || 3.22|| 3.22
|align="right"| 103.22
|align="right"| 3.22
|colspan="4" align="right" | '''Total Cost'''
|align="right"| '''$3.22'''
==Testing Results==

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