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Category:JMC330 International Mass Communication

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#* At the very top of your page (including the curly brackets): <br> <tt><nowiki>{{JMC330inprogress|May 15, 2013}}</nowiki></tt>
#* At the very bottom of your page (including the brackets): <br><tt><nowiki>[[Category:JMC330 International Mass Communication]]</nowiki></tt>
You can also add any other relevant categories, such as {{Cl|Organizations}}
# Create the content for your page - include text of article, headings, images (remember that images must have the [[CC-BY-SA|proper rights]]), etc. More help on coding is available at [[Help:Contents]].
# Once your article and userpage are both finished, you will post your project under [[#Selected Topics 2013|Selected Topics 2013]] AND submit the link/URL to your page via the assignment page on Moodle to complete the project. You must do this in order to receive a grade for the work you've done.


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