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[[File:Erssons g plants.jpg|Permaculture portal|right|80px]]
'''[[Permaculture]]''' is a type of [[gardening]] that uses a specific vegetation pattern, and uses specific combinations of flora/fauna. It is often [[Permaculture#Zoning|centered around a house]]. Depending on the local bioregion however, and as a result, varying conditions, different specific choices and practices can be made. It can hence be said that permaculture is, at its core, a set of thinking tools, in particular towards awareness of [[context]], threats and opportunities. <div style="float:left; width:20%;">'''Categories'''<categorytree>Permaculture</categorytree></div><div style="float:right; width:80%"><center>'''Related portals'''<br>[[Portal:Food and agriculture|Food and agriculture]]{{·}}[[Portal:Construction and materials|Construction and materials]]{{·}}[[Portal:Green living|Green living]]{{·}}[[Portal:Energy|Energy]]{{·}}[[Portal:Solar|Solar]]{{·}}[[Portal:Transport|Transport]]{{·}}[[Portal:Water|Water]]{{·}}[[Portal:Rainwater harvesting|Rainwater harvesting]]</center></div><noinclude>
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