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ICE fuel conversion

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==Types of conversions==
Several types of conversions exist. These include:
* [[Vegetable oil used as fuelVegetable_oil_as_fuel#Conversion_of_diesel_engines|Vegetable oil conversion]] of diesel cars.
* [[Hydrogen fuel enhancement|Hydrogen and oxyhydrogen conversions]]. <ref>[]</ref><ref>[ Hydrogen fuel conversion explained]</ref>These only include [[Hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle]] conversions and not hydrogen fuel cell conversions, which no longer use an internal combustion cycle. Pure hydrogen as well as [[Oxyhydrogen]] is completely non-polluting. Other mixtures as [[HCNG]] too exist but are no longer emissionless due to the presence of gases as natural gas.
* [[Hydrogen]] or oxyhydrogen/fossil fuel conversion. These conversions merely mix hydrogen/oxyhydrogen with fossil fuels.<ref>[ Water2fuel as a hydrogen/fossil fuel mixing kit]</ref><ref>[ List of companies selling hydrogen boosters]</ref><ref>[ Water4Fuel as a hydrogen/fossil fuel mixing kit]</ref><ref>[ Central Valley HHO, company selling HHO boosters for small and large vehicles (even ships)]</ref><ref>[ Another company selling a variety of HHO boosters (specific to the IC motor used)]</ref> They are usually called [[hydrogen booster]]s.<ref>[ Hydrogen boosters]</ref><ref>[ Improving the Water4gas system]</ref>
* [[Natural gas]], [[LPG]], [[methanol]], [[butanol]] and other fuel conversions
==Comparision Comparison of conversions==
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{{Main|Comparison of alternative ICE fuels}}
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* [[Wikipedia:ICE fuel conversion]]


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