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Open design

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{{topic header| [[File:Oshw-logo.png |thumb|right|150px| Open design}} logo]]'''Open design''' is the application of [[open source]] methods to the creation of physical products, machines and systems.<ref>[ Open design] on an "Open Source wiki"</ref>For a great introduction see Stallman's essay "[ Why We Need Free Digital Hardware Designs]"
* [ CoCreate] - CoCreate is a commercial "internet-based collaboration solution tuned to the specific needs of engineering teams. Clients, suppliers and team members can easily come together for online meetings and project reviews, visualize complex 3D designs and manage project documentation."<ref>It might be considered inappropriate to use commercial, non-[[free/open source]] software to develop open designs, but of course it depends whether there are practical alternatives.</ref>
== Open design projects ===== on Appropedia ===All designs here at [[Appropedia:About|Appropedia]] are open in a sense, but some are more actively open.
* [[Hexayurt Project]]
* [[AT CAD Team]]
== Open design online sites ==Sites intended for design collaboration:  === Wikis === * [[Appropediahttp:About|Appropedia]// Open Source Hardware Association] * [[OSE:|Open Source Ecology wiki]] === Other sites ===
* [[Open Architecture Network]][]
* [ Open source hardware and design alliance]== Notes ==<small><references* [http://><>Global Open Science Hardware]
== Notes and references ==
== See also ==
* [[Open Design Collaboration]]
* [[Open source appropriate technology]]
* [[:Category:Open_design|Category on Open Design]]
* [[RepRap]]
* [[Summer of Make]]
== Interwiki External links ==
* [[Wikia:Opensource:Open_design]]
* [[Wikipedia:Open design]]
* [[p2pfoundation:Product Hacking]] - extensive links
* [[p2pfoundation:Category:Design]] - extensive links
== External links ==
* [ MULTIMACHINE: DIY Open Source Machinery]
* [ Product Hacking] - by Stephen Vermeulen
* [ Chris Anderson Talks to PSFK About Open Source Technology]
* [ Open Innovation Projects] - Community driven directory of open source innovation projects
* Great summary of OSHW from a company perspective at [ SparkFun]{{stub}}* [ OSHW Quick Reference Guide]* Great example run down [ LEGAL PRACTICES OF DIDIY HARDWARE TECHNOLOGIES] [[Category:Design| ]][[Category:Open design| ]]
[[Category:Open source hardware]]
[[Category:Open source software]]
[[Category:Appropriate technology videos]]
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