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Solar distillation

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==Evaluation Real World==
In "Social aspects of a solar-powered desalination unit for remote Australian communities" Warner & Schafer argue that many journals, researchers and others like them rely too much on the technical aspects of solar distillation to prove its worth, "in
*be within their capacity to operate and maintain.<ref>
Werner, M., & Schäfer, A. I. (2007). Social aspects of a solar-powered desalination unit for remote Australian communities. Desalination, 203(1), 375-393.
</ref>"The situation that exists today has not changed much from even 50 years ago. Energy and cost intensive technologies still champion over desalination in the modern world. For this reason, many developing countries and communities, on large and small-scale levels resort to the status quo, when more appropriate resorts exist<ref>Bloemer, J. W., Eibling, J. A., Irwin, J. R., & Löf, G. O. (1965). A practical basin-type solar still. Solar Energy, 9(4), 197-200.</ref>.
==ModificationsExisting Products==
* [ Watercone] - '''', July 2006,
==Solar distillation in Mexico==
Florence Cassassuce, of La Paz, Mexico, who invented a five-gallon bucket that can purify several days' worth of water in four minutes.
She was one of 18 people listed as one of CNN Heroes finalists in 2007.
This is her site.
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