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Laurel Tree Charter School

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The Fall 2012 semester of [[ENGR215 Introduction to Design]] is working with [http://www.laureltreelc.org/ Laurel Tree Charter School] to design and build green educational infrastructure and apparatuses that supports K-12 education at their Arcata, CA location.
<gallery caption="[[E215 Introduction to Design projects|Fall 2012|- ENGR 215 Intro to Design Projects]] - Laurel Tree Charter School">
File:LTCSRedCrystalFinal.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Laurel Tree Charter School energy use visualization|Energy use visualization]]'''</center></big> Method to creatively visualize school energy use.
File:LTCSHumanPowerBlenderDemo.jpg|<big><center>'''[[Laurel Tree Charter School human powered blender|Human powered blender]]'''</center></big> Two person human powered blender device

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