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===Interior and Exterior Cosmetic Fixes===
The theft and vandalism left our beloved trailer looking like a hideous piece of rotting garbage, so the first task the CCAT family worked on was getting a fresh coat of paint on the MEOW (ADD PHOTO). Once the exterior was made presentable we proceeded to renovate the interior. The vandals had completely sawed of the system control hardware panel where the previous inverter, charge controller, and battery monitor were mounted; we constructed a new system panel and maintained a compassionate attitude toward the thieves as we worked (*ADD PHOTO*).  <gallery>Image:MEOW_V2_Paint_Job.jpg|Fig 2: Sean Armstrong and his kids having fun repaintingImage:CCAT_MEOW_hardware.jpg|Fig 2a: The previous hardware panel (2005)Image:MEOW New Hardware Construction.jpg|Fig 2b: CCAT Crew mounting the new componentsImage:MEOW New Panel.jpg|Fig 2c: New batteries, inverter, and charge controller successfully mounted (2012)</gallery>
===The PV Rack===


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