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==In-Situ Analysis==
==Cost For Recycling, Collecting, and Transporting Compared to Manufactoring Semiconductors==The cost to transport to recycling center is estimated at 0.0172 dollars per kilogram. From our calculated total amount of world wide recovered amount of semiconductors is 43,885.29 Kg. So the total cost of transporting semiconductors is 0.0172*43,885.29 = $745.83. The cost to sort semiconductors is 0.140 dollars per Kg. The total cost to sort semiconductors = 0.140*43,885.29 = $6,143.94 . The cost to dismantle them is 0.315 dollars per Kg. Total cost to dismantle = 0.315*43885.29 = $13,823.9 . Cost to recycle monitor semiconductor is 0unknown at this current time.110 dollars per Kg, so the The total cost to recycle monitors , collect, and transport is 0.110*43885.29 = $4,827.38 . <ref>"Economics of PC Recycling" displaysearch.com, 1 Jan. 2000. Web. 6 Oct. 2012.<http://iris.lib.neu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1046&context=gupta_pub&sei-redir=1&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fscholar.google.com%2Fscholar%3Fq%3Deconomics%2Bof%2Bpc%2Brecycling%26btnG%3D%26hl%3Den%26as_sdt%3D0%252C23#search=%22economics%20pc%20recycling%22></ref>The manufacturing costs total cost to produce 3000,000 kg of the semiconductor silane is $4,202,331.00. So we get the total cost of producing LCD monitors is silane per kg by taking $4484,2020,331.37 00 / 300,000 kg = 14.0078 dollars per display kg. The total cost to recycle the silane must be lower than the cost to manufacture minus the cost to collect and transport the silane, thus 14.0078-(.0172+0.140+0. 315)= 13.5356 > cost to recycle the silane. It must cost less 13.5356 dollars per kg to recycle silane <ref>"Manufacturing costs Comparative Analysis of Recycling Active-Matrix Liquid Crystals as a Function of Plant CapacitySilane Cylinder Delivery System and a Bulk Silane Installation(ESH B001)" ieeexplore.org, 4 Nov31 Oct. 19961995. Web. 9 12 Oct. 2012.<http://ieeexplorewww.ieeesematech.org/stampdocubase/document/stamp2976aeng.jsp?arnumber=00542171pdf> </ref>.
==Alternative Recycling==
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