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Climate change

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[[File:Natural disasters caused by climate change.png|thumb|right|200px|Natural disasters caused or aggrevated by global warming]]
Both the developed as the developing world will be affected. The developing world is expected to be affected to a greater extent though. Some effects are:
* changing weatherpatterns (greater or fewer precipitation on specific areas, the weather is also expected to be much more radical). This will negatively affect [[farming]]<ref></ref><ref> Precipitation changes</ref><ref></ref><ref>One solution is to grow less fragile crops, ie more resistant to changes in watering</ref>
* natural disasters (ie mud slides, hurricanes, ...) These are expected to rise. Death toll in 2003 = 150000 people <ref>[ 150000 people killed by global warming upto 2003]</ref><ref></ref>
* Sea-level rise<ref>Sea level rise: 2m rise expected by 2100 A.D., 6,5m by 2200 A.D.</ref> will contaminate a very large percentage of the agricultural fields with sea salt and make them no longer suitable for continued food production.<ref>Earth under water documentary</ref> In addition, many low-lying islands and coastlines will need to be abandoned, forcing many people to move.


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