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Washing and drying clothes

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Human power: add reference to Maya Pedal
== Human power ==
[[Pedal-powered washing machine]]s have been made at MIT in partnership with [[Maya Pedal]], a [[Guatemala]]n community NGO (see [ Bicilavadora: A Pedal-powered Washing Machine]) and at Humboldt's [[Campus Center for Appropriate Technology]] (see [[HSU Bike powered washing machine]]). These designs use direct power, rather than generating electricity to run the washer.<ref>[ Pedal Powered Washing Machine Tests], David Butcher, a pedal-power enthusiast, calculates it would take 1 hr and 45 minutes of pedaling to generate electricity for one load of washing. Presumably it is significantly more efficient to use the mechanical power directly, rather than using a generator; also this may be cheaper in a developing country setting.</ref> There are also [[google:pedal-powered-washing-machine|many more hits on Google]].
The [[Wikipedia:Centre for Appropriate Technology (Australia)|Centre for Appropriate Technology (Australia)]] has had some success in Australian indigenous communities with a hand-operated "washing machine" using a paddle to stir the water, which is popular for washing blankets. Attempts have been made by CAT (or people associated with CAT) to introduce it to Indonesia, but it was not popular, as they felt the clothes were not getting a proper wash.<ref>Based on personal conversation between [[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] and (name?) from CAT, at the EWB Australia national conference, 2005.</ref>

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