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CCAT rocket stove

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Fuel Savings
Indoor air quality is the main driving factor in the decimation programs around the developing third world. Soot and ash produced when cooking with traditional three rock fires creates unhealthy amounts of indoor air particulates, resulting in respiratory and breathing issues.
===Fuel Savings===
Improved Fuel stoves can reduce the amount of wood fuel needed to cook. Improving the heat transfer efficiency of energy from the fire to the cooking vessel reduces the amount of energy wasted, thus reducing the amount of wood needed. Reduction in the amount of wood fuel needed each month allows the rural family to either save time and money. Rural families who traditionally purchased wood fuel will save money allowing funds to be spent on other basic needs. In Rural cultures that physically find and collect wood fuel , the rocket stove will allowing allow women who predominately collect wood to save time. 
Traditional open three rock fires are dangerous to small children who can easily fall or trip into a open fire on the floor of there dwelling. Improved Fuel stoves are insulated and elevated above the ground, preventing children from accidentally burning them selfs.

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