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→‎Pushing everybody into the Goldemberg corner: Great, very important - let's start
This would be a technically correct slogan that neatly resolves the traditional contradiction between living better (as the result of consuming more material and energy) while trying to minimize the resulting destructive impact on self, others, and the environment. See the [[wikipedia:Preston curve]] (a plot of countries of the world by their average life expectancies vs. their per capita incomes) and variations on it, such as [[commons:File:Human welfare and ecological footprint sustainability.jpg]] which plots the countries of the world by their [[wikipedia:Human Development Index]] (a weighted combination of life expectancy, education, and income) vs. their per capita [[wikipedia:ecological footprint]]s. The Goldemberg corner is that square in the upper left of the HDI vs. footprint graph, labeled as "Meets minimum requirements for sustainability". That is, if we want to preserve a habitable planet and give everybody a shot at a decent life, we need to push everybody into that upper left-hand corner as soon as possible (i.e. give everybody a high HDI and a low ecological footprint at the same time). As these concepts are not widely known I need to collect my notes into a user sub-page about the Goldemberg corner and its implications for sustainability and development, with references to the various papers I have found. One of the many implications seems to be the need to largely eliminate the aviation industry, since it is nearly impossible for a person to fly much and have a low ecological footprint. --[[User:Teratornis|Teratornis]] 14:33, 11 August 2012 (PDT)
:If we had an article importance rating system here, I'd put this at high importance - it actually comes very close to capturing my own vision for Appropedia and how I explain it to people, but it's more concrete-sounding and the Goldberg corner provides a conceptual hook. So it gives me some much-needed inspiration for a presentation on Appropedia.
:I'd encourage you to be bold and start the stub. If you prefer to do it in userspace first, that's okay, but the sooner it's in mainspace, the sooner we can work on engaging others around the page and the idea. (On the other hand, having a decent, grammatical, thought-provoking article complete with nice SVG diagrams is something that could make a bigger splash in green blogs and social media... but we could get there either by starting in mainspace or in userspace.)
:I have a friend who talks about the "two tonne lifestyle" - defining what life looks like (with all its choices & possibilities) at 2t {{CO2}} emissions per person per year. The number might vary, but that would be a good complementary page or set of pages.
:Getting a bit into details here... Visualizations and models will be very helpful. E.g. people can quickly see: if I recycle all year and then fly to Europe, what's the relative impact on my carbon footprint? (Ideally it would be interactive, but I don't know how to do that within the wiki - [[A:Spreadsheets]] can be embedded, but they can't be edited ''within'' the wiki page. Having a bunch of examples is good, but having something interactive will be much more engaging. Guides like [ Getting There Greener - The Guide to Your Lower-Carbon Vacation] give some info, but having something succinct is better for actually getting noticed (with all the detail available further down or in separate pages). --[[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] 19:01, 11 August 2012 (PDT)

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