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'''Staple crops''' are a [[crops]] that are eaten routinely and in such large quantities that they constitute a dominant portion of the standard diet. They supply a large fraction of the energy needs (kcal) aswell as the other nutrients. Staple crops are characterized by their mild taste, very high calorie contents (ie 70-300 kcal/100grams<ref>Potato and rice containing 70 and 300kcal/100 grams respectively</ref>) and low to moderate protein content.

==List of staple crops==
Staple crops include [[cereals]] and [[root vegetables]]. Some specific fruits and legumes (ie sago, breadfruit ) can also be considered as staple crops.
* Cereals:
** wheat
** barley
** rye
** maize
** rice
* Root vegetables:
** yams
** taro
** cassava
* Specific fruits & legumes:
** sago
** breadfruit

==See also==
* [[Native crops by region|Map with native staple crops]]
* [[Vegetables]]
* [[Fruits]]
* [[Appropriate nutrition manual]]

==External links==

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