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Plastics recovery manual 8

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Chapter 5, photo 10, 11 and 12
VOLENS is a Belgian NGO specialized in the sending of cooperators, development education and the set-up of development projects. For this, Volens can count on 26 local sections and thirty support groups which form the basis of the Volens organisation and his local roots, closer to the population. These sections and support groups perform in collaboration with the development education service, an information, sensibilisation, and education around the second and third-world projects which they support aswell as well as performing fundraising actions to finance these projects.
Before its merger with Volens, SOS/PG has mounted various partnerships through the "Service
Projects". It is also how SOS/PG has partnered with the Mexican organization DIA-AC (Desarrollo Integral Autogestionario - Asociación Civil) which has favored a project financed by DGDC in its five-year program of 1998-2002. This project consisted of the "Establishment of a basic model of small popular plastic recycling workshops for a distribution in the state of Morelos". All photographs from this project were taken by DIA-AC.

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