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{{TheFWD header}}{{DISPLAYTITLE:5. We Deserve A Future Of Good Governance - Patri Friedman and Brad Taylor}}
We deserve a future of good governance in which people live under high-quality rule sets suited to their preferences. Rules are enormously important to human welfare – just look at the differences between those on opposite sides of an arbitrary border, such as that separating [http://elsa.berkeley.edu/~chad/handbook9sj.pdf North and South Korea].<ref>http://elsa.berkeley.edu/~chad/handbook9sj.pdf</ref> Rules are a meta-technology that determines how well people can cooperate to achieve their goals, and the potential benefits of improvement in this area dwarf those of any other effort to improve the world.
Settling the oceans is a realistic way of increasing quality, diversity, and innovation in governance. It avoids the hubris of top-down reform, and there is a clear path from here to there. While there is much work to be done, the potential benefits are huge. We hope you'll join us in supporting seasteading as a powerful way to move towards the Future We Deserve.

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