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Appropedia:A history of collaboration

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Architecture for Humanity; change wording; typo
* Discussions with [[Architecture for Humanity]], who have set up the [[Open Architecture Network]]. Their website serves a different purpose to Appropedia, and the exact form of collaboration is still to be decided, but we have agreed to support each others' efforts.
* [[Sustainapedia]], a planned website by a group of people with a similar vision and much ambition, led by Ryan Legg ([[User:On2Leggs|On2Leggs]]), and Jim Harris of [[Cleantech]][]. The Sustainapedia and Appropedia teams quickly agreed to join forces, and are now working out the details.
* The [[Howtolivewiki:|How To Live Wiki]], the site of [[User:Vinay Gupta|Vinay Gupta]], known for the [[Hexayurt]], merged much of its material into Appropedia in March 20062007, and Vinay joined the Appropedia team.
Other exciting conversations are ongoing, with highly regarded organizations on the verge of joining this collaborative community. We look forward to being able to mention them here soon!

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