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Hexayurt sewage

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Substitute for [[Sanitation|pit latrines, septic systems or conventional sewage handling ]] with:
* area-appropriate [[composting toilet ]] design
Financial model:
Possibly as cheap as $20 per household in warm areas, assuming shared toilet banks. Practical, realistic designs have not undergone the "value engineering" necessary for this application yet, so are still too costly, although clearly a cheap, basic, functional unit for any given climate could be created.
Water System
==Priorities==*[[public health]] is the overwhelming priority. *low cost is essential - if it's not cheap, it won't be used as much and won't achieve as much. *low ecological impact is very desirable if it doesn't compromise public health. *suitable for various [[culture|cultural]] practices. Target users may be accustomed to using water to cleanse (but can most often cope with small amounts of water), or other [[anal cleansing]]{{w|anal cleansing}} methods, so the device should ideally tolerate sticks, rocks, paper, or whatever else is likely to be thrown in.  ==Options==* [[Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (Practical Action Technical Brief)]] A simple design for a toilet that can be dug anywhere. Fill the pit with refuse and plant a tree when you are finished!*[[Composting toilet]]*[[Biogas]] toilet, too large scale for the specs; for longer term settlement (due to capital cost, time for construction); relatively unproven. (E.g. [ Bio Latrines in Kenyan Slums].) *Non-composting, non-biogas toilets**Emphasis on public health (rather than [[sustainability]] or treating the waste as a resource).**e.g. the [[BiPu]]{{w|BiPu}}***Cost? [[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] to find out.***What's the status of the solid material afterwards? Can be composted?***Proven in the field, including Aceh.{{fact}}*Ultra-cheap systems, based on the [[Kamal Kar]]'s work. Any applicable to this situation? [[User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] to find out.*What about small community based [[Constructed wetlands]]?*[[How_to_make_and_use_a_sawdust_toilet|Sawdust bucket toilet]], after Joseph Jenkins' [ "Humanure Handbook"] (fundamental reference on this topic, free to [ download]) -- hygienic, private, cheap, hard to screw up, makes great compost... why aren't you using one? [[Category:Hexayurt project]][[Category:Toilet designs]] [[Category:HowtoliveComposting_toilets]]

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