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CCAT rocket stove

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Logan Ward and Erik Rasmussen
In On September 11, we visited the rocket stove at CCAT to check on how it's doing and update the page a little. The stove is in decent condition but there are a few areas that the stove could be improved. The rocket stove has gone through a few very minor changes since its creation. Recently, it received a fresh paint job. Also, the chimney has been lengthened considerably. As you can see from previous pictures, the original chimney was rather short. The new chimney is much taller and has a cap on the top. We also left a laminated informational piece to hang around the chimney and let people know what the rocket stove is and information about rocket stoves in general.
== Updated Testing ==
We met up with Dan and tested the stove. It appeared as if the stove hadn’t been used in quite a few years.
*#The first step in the testing was to wash the cookpot
*#Then, we gathered pieces of kindling 1’ to 1.5’ long, weighing a total of .44 lbs
*#After that, we filled the pot with water and placed it in the skirt
*#Next, we started burning the pieces of wood in the combustion chamber. We also used some dead grass in addition to the kindling.
*#After a short while the water began to boil and was brought to a rapid boil within 7 minutes and 25 seconds.
*#The waters water's temperature was measured at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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