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== Current projects ==
* Finding tech interns, setting up the [[Appropedia:Tech Interns, mid-2011]] project.
* Corporate volunteering:
** keywords: corporate responsibility; try with other keywords such as MediaWiki, green...
** [http://www.ourcommunity.com.au/business/view_article.jsp?articleId=2437#1 Corporate Volunteering - Organisations]
** Check resources: http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/html/s12_content/default.asp?tnid=16&dsb=300
** x http://www.volunteering.com.au/about_us/index.asp -> seem to need ABN, i.e. Australian orgs only. Fee starts at $50.
** started [[Appropedia:Corporate volunteering]]
* Looking for funding - going through lists of potential funders for potential matches.
** Using Google Spreadsheets. Happy to share with anyone who's interested.
** started [[Appropedia:SponsorsSupporters/FAQ]]
* How to raise our profile? (-> traffic and media)
** Identify controversial and current topics, & link from front page.
*** How to identify controversial content? Someone who follows the news and writes content. Talk with Wikinews community.
*** Look for journalism student intern to lead this content, or is that stretching too far? Communications intern?
* Get work started on [[Appropedia:Bot tasks|bot tasks]]
* How to handle "interesting stubs" e.g. [[Plastic bottle greenhouse]]. Socmed -> "Can you add to our page on...?"
=== Quickies Interns and volunteers ===
BetterMeans (when I have a good connection):* Request a way to "open" or remove an owner from the bot How's task.management going? * Identify data sets, and ways to use them. E.g. clean teach data at http://www.reegle.info/ & http://data.reegle.info/ - we can embed their open data/data sets in MediaWiki, Explore OKFN'<s database of data sets.* Check [[User talk:Teratornis #File license details]] -> create a task. === Category cleanup === Cleanup & make consistent Finding tech interns, setting up the subcategories of:* [[Appropedia:Category:Organizations]]* [[:Category:Energy]]Tech Interns, esp [[:Category:Windmid-2011]]project. Remove [[:Category:Renewable energy]]? ''Please add to this list. To link a category, use a colon, like this: <nowiki>[[:Category:Wind]]</nowikis>* ''  Request help via blog - draft:<blockquote>Over a breakfast meeting with [http://www.mitra.biz/joomla/index.php/home Mitra Ardron] recently, he described how he's someone who prefers to navigate via categories, rather than search - and heBlog doc & content internships'd come up with some examples on Appropedia that are very confusing.  Now, anyone can edit the categories in a wiki, but it's best if final changes are made by someone who's been working with the wiki and with the categories for a long time - so I'm putting out a request for help. Have a look through our categories, by* Corporate volunteering: * looking up topics you're interested in, or* browsing the [httpkeywords://www.appropedia.org/indexcorporate responsibility; try with other keywords such as MediaWiki, green.php?title=Special%3ACategoryTree&target=Fundamental&mode=categories&dotree=Show+tree Category Tree].  Find examples of confusing categories - places where categories are duplicated, badly named, or you wouldn't know which category to use on a page. Then paste the category names or links in the comments below.  Thanks!</blockquote> === Moving categories === * [[User:Chriswaterguy/moving category page content with history]] & personal notes === Dev wiki === Change group membership on dev site after update:* [http://www.whatissustainabilityourcommunity.orgcom.au/business/indexview_article.phpjsp?title=User:Tahnokbot&action=edit&redlinkarticleId=2437#1 User:TahnokbotCorporate Volunteering - Organisations] from (none) to Bots ‎* [* Check resources: http://www.whatissustainabilityvolunteeringaustralia.org/indexhtml/s12_content/default.phpasp?title=User:Munimortal&actiontnid=edit16&redlinkdsb=1 User:Munimortal] from (none) to Administrators, Bureaucrats and Widget editors ‎ (tech intern)300* [* x http://www.whatissustainabilityvolunteering.com.orgau/User:RichardF User:RichardF] from (none) to Administrators and Widget editors ‎ (play with widgets)* [http:about_us//wwwindex.whatissustainability.org/User:Tahnok User:Tahnok] from (none) asp -> seem to Administratorsneed ABN, Bureaucrats and Widget editors ‎ (have fun :-))* [http://wwwi.e.whatissustainabilityAustralian orgs only.org/indexFee starts at $50.php?title=User:Woozle&action=edit&redlink=1 User:Woozle] from (none) to Administrators and Widget editors ‎ (may wish to help with site dev)* * started [[httpAppropedia://www.whatissustainability.org/User:Willd User:WilldCorporate volunteering]] from (none) to Administrators ‎ (to play with new features esp semantic) === Partnerships === * Look up admins/bureaucrat/sponsor for UN: http://www.developmentcommonsonlinevolunteering.org/wikien/ & offer to host. === Misc jobs === * See [[User:Chriswaterguyorg/Board of Directors meeting prep]]* [[Appropedia:Fundraising/Tasks]]* {{tl|WP}}: -> '''\{\{(WP(:p?)}}\|(register.*?)}} -> \\1{{w|\\1}}''' then consider whether to add a local wikilink. == On hold... ==html
Hoping for help with some of these* Wikilink bot* Categorization bot* Writing articles...* Turning [[:Category:Content staging areas|raw ported contentChriswaterguy's working pages]] into articles.

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