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CCAT rocket stove

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Updated Testing
There is a few problem areas we observed. The vermiculite used to insulate the combustion chamber is old and could be replaced. Also, there are small gaps around where the combustion chamber and metal case meet with the barrel, which may have led to less concentration of the heat around the pot and the low temperature of the boiling water. These gaps could easily be filled in by some kind of heat resistant sealant. Also it was unclear if the addition of the longer chimney improved the flow of gasses or not. As noted earlier the chimney should be short, reaching just above the cookpot so the lengthened chimney might have actually hindered the flow of gasses. Also the bricks in the combustion chamber may need some replacing as well. If this stove was being consistently used, it would probably be a good idea to address these concerns as you would want your stove in prime running condition.
Image:rocket_stove1.jpg|Fig 1: Erik and Dan feeding the stove
Image:rocket_stove2.jpg|Fig 1a: View inside the beast
Image:rocket_stove3.jpg|Fig 1b: Temperature reading
Image:rocket_stove4.jpg|Fig 1c: View from above without the cookpot
Image:rocket_stove5.jpg|Fig 1d: Laminated information hanging from the stove
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