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Locally Delicious Kids Worm Bin

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Description of final project: gallery
Our design is composed of empty half gallon milk or juice cartons. Inside of the cartons is a migration hole that allows worms the access to both cartons. Worms are fed on one side of the bin while castings can be removed from the other carton. This process will be repeated as the worms will migrate towards the food and leave castings behind. Each time the food is digested new bedding is inserted. In addition, this [[Locally_Delicious_Kids_Worm_Bin_inst#Modular_Design|modular design]] allows for expansion of the worm bin to meet the needs for digestion of larger quantities of food.
[[{{Gallery|width=350|height=467|lines=1|align=center|Image:IMAG0065.jpg|thumb|center|350px|A complete worm bin without bedding]]}}

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